Art Expo Malaysia 2017

Solo Exhibition:-

Haslin Ismail

Selfies: A Mixed Media Project by Haslin Ismail

V.I.P. Preview: 12th October 2017

Public: 13th – 15th October 2017

MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre (MECC), Kuala Lumpur

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In this modern era of technology and of social media networks, who would not be familiar with the term ‘selfie’? Selfie: a photographic self-portraiture taken with a smartphone or camera presents itself as an individualistic identity of oneself, more-often-than-not portraying the best of ourselves within a single image. We are often self-conscious and critical of ourselves, often careful to showcase our best be it in a side portrait or going the extra mile to hide the smallest imperfection that the selfie might divulge. Practice after practice, we are always in search of the right angle, the perfect feature, the definitive dimpled smile.

A child of the 80s, artist Haslin Ismail is no stranger to this concept. He presents an alternative approach in his art through his latest project, Selfies: A Mixed Media Project by Haslin Ismail. Encompassing a two-year period, his latest 10 works speaks to his journey of self-discovery of his strengths, weaknesses, flaws, blemishes, worries and happier times. Where a picture speaks a thousand words, Haslin’s collection of Selfies speak of a vast array of topics and concerns that afflicts the young father of two, all within a single artwork. The series belies his life experiences, his concern for his family’s future, his childhood influences, his hobbies, his vanity at the very heart of his creative and artistic abilities.

Unveiling a series of cumulative self-portraits, Selfies: A Mixed Media Project by Haslin Ismail invites you on a journey of self-discovery together in our pursuit for the ultimate selfie. This unique collection of Selfies will be showcased at booth 38 during the upcoming Art Expo Malaysia Plus 2017, from 12th October onwards.

Haslin Ismail Selfies: A Mixed Media Project by Haslin Ismail Installation – Mixed Media Works and Acrylic Drawings on Industrial Paper
300cm x 800cm 2017