by Core Design Gallery

Hard Cover
Pages 256

Dimensions 22.5cm x 25cm


RM 200.00

Core Design Gallery is proud to officially announce a decade of history in making — 10 Years of Malaysian Contemporary Art, as told from a gallerists’s perspective.
“Core Design Gallery is known to the local art industry — be it the various stakeholders, collectors, and artists — to represent Malaysian contemporary arts. As an art gallery, we have been very active in the movement of contemporary art whether it is in terms of exhibitions, shows, or documentations with an archival system that reaches close to a few thousand contemporary artworks and hundreds of catalogues. We decided that ten years of the journey is good to trace back the narrative and movement.
This Malaysian Contemporary Art Movement: 2010 – 2020 by Core Design Gallery will address the fundamental journey as it expands the portrayal of the Malaysian contemporary art movement from the perspective of a gallerist who runs exhibitions, one of which includes introducing pivotal artworks as well as conducting seminal shows that gave rise to the emergence of contemporary artists and their transition to mid-career artists.
This book will also look into the beginning years of the learning curve in the search for an identity of the art gallery direction, followed by the yearly progressions, notable achievements and personal milestones throughout some of the exhibitions and artworks. It will also incorporate important collected texts and essays over the years to show the growth and development of contemporary artists that have been showcased with Core Design Gallery. This book is not meant to be a scholastic attempt, but an outlook from a gallerist decade experience to help understand both the progress and development of contemporary art in Malaysia. Prospective wise, Core Design Gallery is hopeful that this book could lead to being a part of the narrative told through Malaysian art history.”

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