Art-Tastik: The After Noughties

Group Exhibition:-

Fauzul Yusri
Fawwaz Sukri
Haafiz Shahimi
Hisyamuddin Abdullah
Izzat Hamdan
Mohd Fairuz Paisan (PoOi)
Najib Bamadhaj
Nawwar Shukriah Ali (Bonostellar)
Naz Imajin
Syahmi Jamaluddin

In collaboration with Dua Konsultasi

28th June – 11th July 2022

Core Design Gallery, Subang Jaya

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Dua Konsultasi is a contemporary art consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur founded by sister duo Leila and Zena Khan as they identified a gap in the market for projects that marry critical contemporary art with exciting programming and events. Being immersed in the vibrant art scene of Kuala Lumpur, Dua Konsultasi has formulated ‘Art-Tastik’, an art project anchored by two exhibitions, ‘The After Noughties’ and ‘The Foundation’, with a supporting programme of art talks and events. The staging of this project indicates the dynamism of Malaysia’s art scene today, as well as the way in which art has become a dominant aspect of our lives. This project is yet another example of Dua Konsultasi’s commitment to fostering access and engagement for Malaysian contemporary art on a wider scale, as well as reflecting the current state of the local art ecology by fostering links between artists, the art industry and audiences.

Malaysia is a country seen as sitting on the forefront of development in the Southeast Asian region. Looking at the country’s landscape and society this becomes clear. One area this is particularly apparent in is Malaysia’s Contemporary art movement. Having developed strongly from the 1980’a and 1990’s to an explosive movement capturing local, regional and international imaginations, the Malaysian Contemporary art movement reflects those moments, events, and ideas that have shaped contemporary Malaysia.  As a group show `Art-Tastik’ brings forth a strong selection of artworks to visually reflect this characteristic of dynamic development, via a look at artistic practices happening in Malaysia today. 

`Art-Tastik’ has been curated into two distinct sections: `The After Noughties’ at Core Design Gallery and `The Foundation’ at SJCC. Seen as a whole these two exhibitions are a careful curation of artworks by leading senior, mid-career and emerging Malaysian artists whose practices reflect the past and future of local art – with hints of where the movement is heading. In the process a critical visual space is created where audiences are invited to reflect on Malaysia’s growth in the post-Independence landscape, thus understanding how our country has rapidly developed with the question of future possibilities posited.

‘The After Noughties’ is a group show featuring those young and mid-career Malaysian contemporary artists whose dynamic art practices are setting the direction of our art movement. Through a mix of palettes, mediums and subject matter, the artworks on display at ‘The After Noughties’ are a mirror for the vibrant diversity of Malaysia’s lived experiences today. Yet to really know where we are going, we need to know where we came from. This is the query addressed by ‘The Foundation’, where artworks by the first generation of Malaysian contemporary artists are shown. Viewed in tandem, conversations arise between the works on display at these two showings that shape current understandings of local contemporary art history, a field that continues to develop.

Clear parallels exist between the 2 showings at `Art-Tastik’.  There is a quality of production and technical skill across all works, from the younger to more senior artists. Additionally audiences will note a strength in philosophical thinking. These are demonstrated in a diverse display of skills, from a mix of mediums such as painting, ceramic, Perspex and print, to topics such as global socio-politics, local myths or art historical concerns. This diversity in visuals and conversations is a mirror for the complex nature of Malaysia herself; made of several conversations, identities and simultaneous concerns with the local and global.

By presenting `Art-Tastik’ in two distinct spaces in the Subang area, `Art-Tastik’ highlights the expansion of Kuala Lumpur not only as Malaysia’s capital city, but a dynamic hub fitting of a Global Alpha City. As a city that is fast becoming a key node in global networks, Kuala Lumpur’s value extends far past socio-economic terms, to the intellectual, cultural and innovative, paralleling other Global Alpha Cities. Here in Kuala Lumpur a distinct cultural identity has long been palpable not only in terms of heritage, but via the strong contemporary art ecology. As this grows several cultural nucleuses have formed around artist collectives, galleries or street art activities, indicating several creative spaces link together to suggest a broader cultural identity in Kuala Lumpur. In Subang, which is a key suburb, this identity has been amplified not only through art but a thriving dining, design and retail landscape. Through the two exhibition stagings `Art-Tastik’ draws attention to the blossoming of new spaces throughout Kuala Lumpur, showing us all how this is city where we can truly live and thrive.

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