Solo Exhibition:-

Haafiz Shahimi

15th January – 15th March 2020

Core Design Gallery, Subang Jaya

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Mid-career Malaysian contemporary artist Haafiz Shahimi has built a reputation for reinvigorating local craft and printmaking disciplines through the adoption of unorthodox and self-led techniques known as pyrography printmaking. It was during his undergraduate years that he had experimented and conducted studious research into thermodynamics to develop a new form of art – his art of pyrography printmaking; keenly exuding innovativeness and contemporaneity. Almost unheard of, it was during his first solo in 2014 where Haafiz formally introduced his art of pyrography printmaking to the world and notably acknowledged as a pioneer in this art form. 

From 2014, Haafiz continues to resiliently work and refine his art further. Passionate with fire, rebel as he may be, innovation has always been an inherent prerogative for Haafiz. Through the years from his initial pyrography art, he has went on to develop new forms of pyrographic art; 90 degree inverted burn and direct petrol burn. Awas is the very much awaited second solo exhibition that merges all his years of experimentation and research into one solid body of works.

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