Echoes of Possibilities

Group Exhibition:-

Chok Yue Zan
Firdaus Nordin
Hirzaq Harris
Ho Mei Kei
Hug Yin Wan
Jasmine Cheong
Koo Yean Ni
Lee Mok Yee
Mohd Fairuz Paisan (PoOi)
Nor Tijan Firdaus

15th November – 31st December 2018


Core Design Gallery, Subang Jaya

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The history of drawing is said to have begun some 30,000 years ago, where symbols and naïve figurative representations are found etched onto walls of dark caves.  From the hieroglyphs of ancient Egyptian tombs to the walls of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat ruins to vast Catholic churches of Europe, design patterns and artistic elements adorn the walls, ceilings and pillars in repeated fashion infinitely.

In our home ground, the presence of repetition is apparent in our batik merchandises, places of worships and even in our favourite kuih delicacies.  Similarly in the world of arts, repetition in art runs invariably through the centuries till the contemporary era of today.  Echoes of Possibilities brings eleven emerging artists together to consider the infinite possibilities of repetition in today’s contemporary era, of what it may offer and inspire for their art.

Replicating Malaysian coins, young artist Firdaus Nordin speaks to the socioeconomic position of Malaysia today through his aluminium plates.  Female artist Nor Tijan Firdaus offers a new take to batik designs through the rigid geometric shapes of electronic waste.

Vague yet tantalizing, artist Ho Mei Kei shares her childhood memories creatively through her blackboard-inspired canvas while award-winning artist Hug Yin Wan offers a fresh perspective to his skilful carvings with a play of light and minimalism.

Just back from Fukuoka Art Residency, grand winner of UOB Painting of the Year 2017 Chok Yue Zan returns to Malaysia with his latest work titled Memorable Moment that hints on all his winning elements from the recent benchmark competition as well as his take during his term from the renowned art residency program.

Taking centrestage, emerging artist Lee Mok Yee shocks the audience with massively sized Chinese calligraphy words of no apparent sense.  Unrecognisable, the wall installation of The Law of Repetition grants an air of mystery to its contents, beguiling in nature, keenly drawing one in for more.

Coming from different art backgrounds, from Dasein and UiTM, Echoes of Possibilities truly lives up to its name.  Echoing an extended design of artistic charm and differing art repertoire, this one-of-a-kind show grants a new insight to the makings of our young artists, of what to expect in the uncertain times ahead.