I Am An Artist 1.0

Group Exhibition:-

Aimman Hafizal
Badrulzzaman Abu
Fadzril Fakaruddin
Hakim Zulkifli
Izzat Hamdan
Loqman Zainal
Nadzrin Haziq
Nazhan Fikri
Putra Nazri
Shahnaz Azlin

18th August – 15th September 2021

Platform @ Core,
Core Design Gallery


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In these undefined times, the pandemic has changed the perspective of living normally and people have started to lose faith in certain admissions. In less than two years, number of cases skyrocketed to a million plus throughout this pandemic covid-19, and many have lost their jobs, business operations are put on hold, zero to minimal social events, movements are controlled along with critically strained frontliners. This has led to decreased productivity in our art industry as well. As for the art industry, many artists are struggling to create artworks due to limited resources, lack of motivation and especially accessibility to materials as with the current lock down many factories and businesses are not able to open. As an art gallery, we were especially concerned with the younger generation of artists who are supposedly going to be the important backbone for the next generation of contemporary artists. Many of these younger artists have resorted to working freelance jobs and there were no opportunities especially during times like these to be invited to any group shows as many galleries were unable to open. In our conversation with them, although there were financial aids offered but the main priority for them is to have an opportunity to showcase their pride i.e. their work of art. Therefore, Core Design Gallery created a platform for the younger generation of contemporary artists to showcase their works of art in the new series of group exhibitions known as I Am An Artist.

The first group exhibition, I Am An Artist 1.0 showcases ten selected young artist of different abstract style to express their observations, self-reflections and self-capabilities through the interpretation of landscape abstraction. The use of landscape abstraction as a theme seems apt to these ten different artists as it allows the expression to alternate between imagination and reality, it also allowed them to reflect during this pandemic of how the past affects the present along with their hopes and beliefs for the future.

Despite these trying times, the artists found ways to overcome the disruptive difficulties of the situation and still worked hard in producing their artworks. Core Design Gallery is proud to provide this platform as first step to enable them to venture out and further their journey as the new generation of contemporary artists.