I Am An Artist 2.0

Group Exhibition:-

Amir Mansor
Amirul Md Noor
Atiqah Khairul Anuar
Azmi Amran
Dhia Afiq
Falil Johari
Hannah Nazamil
Isa Ishak
Raden Hisbullah

22nd September – 20th October 2021

Platform @ Core,
Core Design Gallery


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I Am An Artist 2.0 opens in the second phase of National Recovery Plan (NRP) where businesses and the economy has started to gradually warm up. whereas on the creative side, artists are eager to move on with the production and development as materials and other sources are more widely available.

Meanwhile, Core Design Gallery takes the chance to provide more opportunities for our young local talents through our core platform programs. After the positive feedback and reviews of the first series of I Am An Artist, we wanted to continue to explore more different young artists expressions and development. Thus, came about I Am An Artist 2.0 which showcases nine selected young artists of different styles to express their observations, self-reflection, and self-capabilities through the interpretation of the minimal expression. The minimal expression as a theme seems apt to for these nine different artists as it allows the expression to alternate between imagination and reality, it also allowed them to reflect during this pandemic of how the past affects the present along with their hopes and beliefs for the future.

Despite these trying times, the artists found ways to overcome the disruptive difficulties of the situation and still worked hard in producing their artworks. Core Design Gallery is proud to provide this platform as first step to enable them to venture out and further their journey as the new generation of contemporary artists.