Solo Exhibition:-

Husin Othman

24th April – 19th May 2024

Core Design Gallery, SJCC Gallery

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Graduating in 2013 with an honors degree in Fine Art from UiTM Malaysia, Husin Othman has emerged as a painter synonymous with nostalgia. In 2014, he clinched the UOB Painting of the Year award for Most Promising Artist of the Year (under the Emerging Artist category) in Malaysia. His artistic prowess, marked by skilled techniques and a deep understanding of figuration, sets his works apart. Hailing from the outskirts of Perak, Malaysia, Husin’s childhood, spent freely playing with his seven siblings, serves as a wellspring of inspiration. Through his art, he revives fading memories of Malaysian life, drawing on his own experiences and Malay culture.

Following his well-received debut solo exhibition “Nostalgia Timur” at Maya Gallery Singapore in 2019, Husin continued to captivate Malaysian audiences with “Jurnal Husin” in 2020, elevating his painterly skills by exploring drawing with wet media. Born in the same state as Lat, renowned for “Kampung Boy,” which chronicles life in the 1950s, Husin draws inspiration from this heritage. Instead, Husin captures contemporary village life, posing questions about the shift between eras.

His latest solo exhibition, “INSTA(KU)RAU,” explores the intersection of reality and Instagram-perfect imagery, using his hometown, Kuala Kurau, as a backdrop. With just five works, Husin delves into the impact of social media on our perception of places, shedding light on issues like overtourism and the dichotomy between reality and online portrayal. “Angin Petang,” featuring two panels, juxtaposes a picturesque scene captured on a phone against Husin’s chaotic signature line drawings. “Dua Hala” portrays the serene Kurau River against chaotic shoplots with the serene bridge as its central focus, while “Ruang Himpit” depicts a bustling street market with an unsettling contrast.

“Kicauan Yang Hilang” highlights the environmental degradation of Kuala Gula, a geopark in Kuala Kurau, once abundant with migrating birds. “Medan Mesra” reflects on the changing landscape of Kuala Kurau’s food scene, questioning the impact of tourism on local culture and cuisine.

INSTA(KU)RAUchallenges idealized narratives and picture-perfect images on social media platforms, inviting viewers to confront the realities behind the filtered lens. Through his art, Husin provides a poignant reflection on memory, nostalgia, and the evolving landscape of Malaysian life.