Life Between the Dots

Solo Exhibition:-

Fauzin Mustafa

2nd December 2016 – 28th February 2017

Core Design Gallery, Subang Jaya

E Catalogue

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Epitomising the grass roots of our Malaysian native identity, Fauzin Mustafa is an eminent Malaysian contemporary artist that celebrates nature’s sovereignty and tropical colours through symbolism and dominant leaf iconography.  With numerous awards under his belt, his artistic talent and vision was recognised as early as 1988 upon his graduation when he was awarded at National Art Gallery – Young Contemporaries show.

As early as 1990s when Malaysia was undergoing rapid changes in economic development, Fauzin exemplified his clear artistic and contemporary vision as he garnered critical acclaim at the renowned Philip Morris Asean Art Awards 1994 for his contemporary minimalistic work White Painting in Black Frame.  Renowned for his mixed media practices since the 1990s and exhibiting contemporaneity back in the heyday, Fauzin innovatively works batik and Malay iconography into his works to showcase the perhaps lesser known Malaysia to the world.

For this upcoming solo Life Between the Dots, Fauzin has adopted the style of his seminal artwork White Painting in Black Frame to another level.  It is evident from this new set of works that his maturity level has grown.  In his earlier years akin to many youths energetically, sometimes blindly rummaging through the complexities of life, his earlier works correspondingly demonstrates complexed detailing and acute raw finishing.  Now it is evident that Fauzin’s thought processes are now more focused, duly demonstrating a manner of simplicity as one comes to peace with the complexities of life.  A clear correlation of the same can be viewed through Mark Rothko’s Rothko Chapel artworks where the colour field style in his later years seemingly projects a sense of ethereal and transcendental psyche.

The new set of works are made up of various hues and tones of striking monochromatic colours that sits harmoniously with the gold dots, so akin to capturing the infinite universe and stars within.  It too lays as a testament that everything starts from a dot, be it a cell or an atom that grows into an infinite array of possibilities.  Life Between the Dots is an exhibition that comes together homogenously and finally converging into a single destination point, alike to where one often returns to our respective roots or beginnings.

Following from his first solo Dari Bumi Ke Bumi to now his third upcoming solo Life Between the Dots, one is very much privy to the artist’s down-to-earth personality that thoroughly celebrates his beginnings and our Malaysian heritage…and now fifteen years later, Life Between The Dots provides a striking revelation and insight to his contemporary progress.