Luar Jendela

Solo Exhibition:-

Faez Fahmi

26th March – 22nd April 2024

Core Design Gallery, SJCC Gallery

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Faez Fahmi (1998), A Kelantan born artist graduated with a Master degree in Fine Art and Technology from UiTM in the year of 2023. Faez has been quite active participating numerous competitions and exhibitions, had his breakthrough in the year of 2021 for exploring abstract expressionism during his masters studies. He was then inspired by his late mentor, Azian Hashim who guided him with the exploration of materiality and application of newly acquired techniques. Using white cement to create heavy textures and strong bold colours of strokes replicating the imageries of flora and nature as a symbol in conveying his way of seeing life.

In his latest series, “Luar Jendela”, Faez paints his visual as a depiction views from a window. The deep-seated imagery closely relates to the visual environment of the artist, whether in the studio or at the countryside. As what Faez mentioned “what comes out from the artist’s soul is where he sees things that can give him sense of tranquility through God’s creation as such the depiction of time, place and matter”. The light shining outside the window gives Faez an idea to subjects his surroundings by transforming into interesting series of artworks. Visually replicating the lush greeneries, trees, the weather, the approaching time of dusk, and the morning breeze.

However, in terms of technique, Faez was highly influenced by the art of batik, where the process of creating the artwork seems similar but the materials used are different. For example, the initial process of batik requires the wax to print resist on a cloth but Faez alters by using white cement texture and patterning the form according to his preferences. But Faez does not diverged its originality form as he maintains for the sake of appreciation to the nature. It also serves as a celebration of gratitude towards the Creator of the heavens and the earth, indeed, the one who colours the world.

Eventually, Faez expresses his enthusiasm as a Malay Kelatanese seeing these harmonious and vibrant colours of these beautiful artistry crafts surely influenced him especially its finesse and gentleness into his artworks. The tedious process and the fragile treatment of the artworks definitely brings Faez to challege himself greatly when he has to create texture as fine and as detailed as possible to create depth and layering as best as he can. “Luar Jendela” serves as his very first solo exhibition in the journey of him becoming the next generation of emerging artist.