Marking The Time ~ Beyond Painting

Group Exhibition:-

Anniketyni Madian
Azad Daniel
Haafiz Shahimi
Haslin Ismail

Solo Exhibition:-

Ali Nurazmal Yusoff

11 Jan – 25 Feb 2018

Core Design Gallery, Subang Jaya


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Marking The Time is a group exhibition that brings together a selection of five of the brightest mid-career contemporary artists in Malaysia today.  The five highlighted artists, Ali Nurazmal Yusoff, Anniketyni Madian, Azad Daniel Haris, Haafiz Shahimi and Haslin Ismail, have practises that span a spectrum of conceptual interests, from the social and political to the cultural and historical.  Representing these interests with a variety of visual languages – from painting to mixed media to sculpture – the works on display introduce not only the current state of the Malaysian contemporary art world, but also the individual practises and progress of each artist.  As such, Marking The Time marks a particular moment happening today, not only in the creative careers of Ali, Anniketyni, Azad, Haafiz and Haslin, but also within contemporary Malaysian art history.

With more than two decades within our local arts industry, Ali Nurazmal Yusoff have consistently never ceased to amaze us with his intensely vibrant and revolutionary paintings such as the Imitation Master – After Caravaggio series and Smoking Man series, thereby duly attesting to his reputation as one of the foremost contemporary painters in the country through his latest inset solo titled Beyond Painting.  Female sculptor Anniketyni Madian, drawing keen attention from local and international waters, further excites us with her intricate and newly-refined wood sculptures that demonstrates her native Sarawakian identity with a feminine twist.

Following from his recent wow factor at Art Expo Malaysia Plus 2017, Haslin Ismail continues to captivate with his latest showcase that affirms to his strong multi-disciplinary ability to work across mediums and different genres of art.  Finally in the charge of today’s contemporary era, Azad Daniel joins the pack showcasing his new contemporary art technique, working with auto paint on MDF and Perspex boards while Haafiz Shahimi, the pioneer of the pyrography printmaking technique, does not let us down as he pushes his art further granting further vibrancy to an art technique that is frequently almost monochromatic through his primary art play with fire.

With more than two decades of art collecting experience, Malaysian art collector Farouk Khan is intensely familiar with the developments of our art industry through the years and acutely aware of the artistic progress of our country.  Conceptualised and curated by the esteemed and long-standing art collector, Marking The Time lies as his personal insight to the progress of Malaysian contemporary artists in recent times.

In this exciting collaboration with Artcube Gallery, Marking The Time hints on a momentous point in time as these artists progress on their respective careers now as mid-career contemporary artists to look out for, as the forerunning artists of this generation.

Marking the Time

Beyond Painting