Seven Princesses Descending To Garden

Solo Exhibition:-

Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi

In collaboration with Richard Koh Fine Art

28th June -29th July 2022

Platform @ Core, Core Design Gallery

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I want to tell a story through expanded painting abstraction. The story unfold from the daily lives of seven ordinary girls transforming in seven mythical princesses with enigma and beauty that grows into legend. It is a story of sorcery and fable, of bewitched villagers and how magical camouflage create whimsical commotion and in the end save an innocent soul. The characters comes from my own invented story based on childhood reading, old folk tales, and movie plot. I recreated the characters from the story as amalgamized floral inspired in forms of expanded painting which focuses on texture, colour and undulating relief format. Each paintings are created from story and characteristic of the seven enigmatic princesses. How the story are received and interpreted does not matter. Colour, forms and textures are meant to be visual feast to eyes, derives from nature inspired texture and also fabric related nuances such as pattern, ruffles, frivolous details, drape, ombres, contrasting and matching colour that fits well with the organic form. 

Borrowing from traditional Malay philosophy of personification in form of  botanical reference and using the western derive method of expanded painting, it is a fusion of principle and method. The method is accomplished with use of symmetrical generative pattern inspired from nature which is also scientifically inclined. It is in parallel with the background story that was created for the work.Whilst the story is folk inspired, part of the situation and concern is current. Constructing patterns from this never ending flow of technique can be calming and addictive. The eclectic nature of the fusion is exotic, methodical with fiction inclination. 

Studio method of making involves expressionistic painterly techniques of drips, splatter, and crafty flair such as pattern making, cutting, folding and layering which can be both masculine and feminine in reference. Feminal aesthetic is the driving force that exudes from all inch and part of the work. However the femineity aspect is not to be undermined as petty and frivolous. The endowment and exhilaration of the feminine force is not merely glacial beauty to be adored and worship but also acknowledged and dignified respectfully.  

Making artwork can be a form of escapism, so does with stories. Creative exploration conjure calming sensation, colour and painterly activities alleviates the troubles of the mind. We watch, read, create and imagine stories that takes us away from our daily lives into wondrous realm and for some moments, these combined activities brought joy and ecstasy. 

written by Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi

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