Group Exhibition:-

Aimman Hafizal
Haafiz Shahimi
Izzat Hamdan
Nor Tijan Firdaus
Syahmi Jamaluddin

In collaboration with Muzi Art Gallery

16th October – 26th November 2022

Muzi Art Gallery, Taipei City, Taiwan

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Artists Profile

Aimman Hafizal (b. 1995, Johor, Malaysia) is a cross-disciplinary artist focusing on fine art, graphic design, book illustration, mural as well as visualiser for an animation studio. He obtained an MA in Fine Art & Technology from UiTM Jalan Othman in 2019. He also graduated with first class honours and awarded Vice Chancellor Award for his Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Fine Art majoring in Painting in UiTM Shah Alam, similarly goes for his Diploma in Fine Art, UiTM Seri Iskandar. 

Aimman Hafizal is well known for his illustrative painting that directs and reacts to childhood popular culture, a recurrent theme that is present throughout his year of studies in Fine Art. In 2015 he was awarded as Best Technical Artist in an art competition Energy: Past & Future, organised by Galeri Petronas (now defunct). Winning the Major Award for Anugerah Seni MiDF in 2017 was the pinnacle of his professional career to date. He has also participated in a residency program at Saung Banon Arts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia under a degree internship, linking significantly his idea development of childhood memories that foresaw his current artistic progression into various exhibitions, locally and internationally.

Haafiz Shahimi (b. 1986, Kedah, Malaysia) is a mid-career Malaysian contemporary artist known for building a reputation in pioneering pyrography printmaking. He graduated with a Bachelor in Degree (Hons) in Fine Art from UiTM where he first began exploring his unorthodox discipline. Throughout the years afterwards, he conducted independent research into thermodynamics to achieve an artistic understanding of its potential. Additionally, he is acknowledged for his notable contributions to the Malaysian art scene where he was awarded for his experiment. Presently, his industrial methods changed to experimenting with painting on metal plates. He has just recently mastered the method of plasma cutting and applying chemical wash to gain rust and decay effects onto its metal surface.

Nor Tijan Firdaus (b. 1986, Klang, Malaysia) graduated with Masters of Fine Art and Technology from UiTM Jalan Othman in 2015 where she found her niche in optimizing discarded electronic waste (e-waste) while in the programme, collecting them steadily over the years to be reconstructed. Eventually, it became her primary source of art-making. Her dedication to creating detailed and meticulous works is built upon the technical challenges that e-wastes left behind while exploring the properties of recycled materials, resulting in relief-like surfaces.

Through the years of making, she has demonstrated innate expertise in manipulating and composing waste objects that took off into a series of recreating famous works that have been exhibited extensively within the Southeast Asia region. Tijan strives for the visual aesthetic that comes with a satisfying expectation and experience, as her works also caused viewers to question the objects and their attachment in this progressive era. Like an anthropologist, she aspires to trace the remnants left behind by humans’ uncontrollable technology usage, indicative of the notion that permanence and impermanence have to co-exist, even in discarded objects.

Izzat Hamdan (b. 1994, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is young emerging artist known for his stitching techniques of different textiles including raw canvas, burlap, discarded and recycled fabrics collected throughout his years of keeping personal belongings. Graduated with a Bachelor in Degree (Hons) in Fine Art has marked him as one of the most awaited contemporary artist amongst his peers, with an overseas degree internship to Saung Banon Arts Yogyakarta, Indonesia to credit his expansion on artistic career. As a fine artist he has concentrated on exhibiting in numerous exhibitions locally and internationally. With an advantageous side career of working as a textile industry operative, Izzat Hamdan has been pursuing different forms of mechanisms on pattern making as he applied an innate understanding of types and ways of stitching, consequently resulted in an incredibly intuitive process-making. His paintings currently focused on identifying the combined used of oil paint and fabrics, exploring its textural visage and depth achieved by thoughtful composition of multiple subjects. 

Syahmi Jamaluddin born in Batu Pahat, Johor, in 1993, graduated from UiTM in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, majoring in Painting. As a young artist in the Malaysian contemporary art ecology, he has been garnering attention even before graduating, having exhibited at several group shows and winning awards including the grand award, Galeri Petronas director’s award, Energy Future, Past and Present competition, Petronas Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (2015) and Potential Breakout Artist, Energy Future, Past and Present competition, Petronas Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (2015). The experimental energy that drove Syahmi forward amongst his peers is the same energy that has driven him to expand his painting practice through the use of silkscreen printing, resulting in the current body of his exemplary artworks since.

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