Exhibition Period: Thursday, 21st January 2016 - Sunday, 24th January 2016

Following through Ali Nurazmal’s artistic career, it is clear that Ali Nurazmal is an observer at heart, of his surroundings, the people around him, fellow notable artists and even of current events or art and historical developments. He is always keen to observe and understand things which often go unnoticed by the general masses. Notably in his Imitation Master series, his paintings were a result of his observations granted with a touch of satirical humour.

Now three years after his phenomenal ALISM show, he strives to set the stage again, no longer bound or bothered by negativity or meeting undue expectations. Ali Nurazmal took to refining his expressive strokes of abstraction, mastering form and light in his figuration techniques.

His confidence grew as his play with space and depth through colours and black-and-white gained recognition. Through an accumulation of the abovementioned factors, Ali Nurazmal pushes the limitations of the two-dimensional paintings on canvas.

Stepping into a new phase of his life and detailed study of art through the years, Ali Nurazmal now seeks to share his observations in a more mature and serious note. ReALISM touches on the basics of human psyche with this set of three paintings. His learnings about human sociology, also taking into account Islamic teachings, narrate these three paintings as a whole concept of human nature.

This was conveyed through the strong array of red tonal values and layering of expressive strokes that creates a dizzying ritualistic movement, indulging the viewer into deep contemplation as if to achieve a “spiritual communion”.

Through pre-ALISM, ALISM and post-ALISM, it is interesting to note that it took continuous studying of the diverse disciplines in painting – be it figuration or abstraction – to arrive at ReALISM.

Ali Nurazmal Yusoff