Exhibition Period: 25th May 2015 - 10th July 2015

A follow up exhibition from the successful Grande 2014, Core Design Gallery presents Grande II, a beautifully curated exhibition showcasing a series of original and individual critical artworks from an expressly select group of thirteen Malaysian contemporary artists from established to mid-career and emerging categories.

Grande II exclusively highlights the conceptual and aesthetic ideals that define contemporary Malaysian art, incorporating various mediums and methodologies that represents art in Malaysia today. Grande II showcases the pivotal framework and appeal of Malaysian art in the international arena, exhibiting works that initiates dialogue on current issues be it personal or social specific to Malaysia.

Suhaimi Fadzir joins Grande II with his latest wall installation that aptly demonstrates his international appeal as his works can be found in public and private collections of Malaysia, Korea, China, USA, Indonesia, UK and Germany. Suhaimi Fadzir is no stranger to international art shows; having participated in The Dublin Biennale 2012 and 2014 duly receiving the Dublin Biennale Award of Excellence 2012, the prestigious 12th and 13th Venice Biennale (Architecture) show and even at the famous Saatchi Gallery.

Established artist Fauzin Mustafa is famed for his mixed media practices following from his early years of revolutionary perspective that pushes the boundaries of traditional art on a two-dimensional canvas. Fauzin is equally renowned having won various art awards, namely the ESSO Young Contemporary Competition 1988, National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur and an honourable mention from the prestigious Phillip Morris Asian Art Awards Singapore 1994.

Joining the ranks is multi-disciplinary artist Masnoor Ramli, who is known for his portfolio of paintings, prints, photographs, videos and installations. Much sought after contemporary Islamic calligraphy artist Husin Hourmain exhibits a further development in his signature calligraphy style.

For the lovers of paintings, abstract expressionist Shafarin Ghani renowned for his musically influenced abstract art that has no lack of following. Ali Nurazmal returns with a further progression in his witty and realist portrayals of modernity. Emerging artist Husin Othman, winner of UOB Painting of the Year 2014 – Most Promising Artist of the Year (Emerging Artist category) proves his painterly skills yet again with his signature minimalist effect.

Inventive and innovative art techniques are justly showcased through Haafiz Shahimi who is renowned for his self-developed pyrography print technique that pushes the boundaries of painting and print. Azrin Mohd too, for the first time, hand makes the elements of his detailed assemblages while Sarawakian female sculptor Anniketyni Madian presents her signature wooden sculptures with Pua Kumbu patterns and calligraphy.

All in all, Grande II offers a diversity of perspectives, generations and ideals that define contemporary Malaysian art and underlines the critical direction that guides contemporary art in Malaysia today.

Ali Nurazmal Yusoff

Anniketyni Madian 

Azrin Mohd

Fauzin Mustafa

Haafiz Shahimi

Husin Hourmain

Husin Othman

Husni Osman

Masnoor Ramli

Raja Lope Rasydi Raja Rozlan

Shafarin Ghani 

Suhaimi Fadzir

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