Artist:  Husni Osman

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Size:  120cm x 91cm

Year: 2015



The subject of Hiding in Shadows, who is clearly not thrilled at having his wishes denied and throwing his tantrum around in public, appears in a daily scenario most of us will encounter at some point in life.  Although the concept is basic, the bright turquoise contrasting with warm earthy tones, in addition to jagged lines and frantic strokes clearly depict the tears and angst of the little boy without exaggerating the visual meaning.

The artist also added a dose of satire and critique with the etching “Budak Bertuah” (Malay for lucky boy) on the social behaviour of kids and having their demands met by their parents in this contemporary era.  The egocentricity of a young child assuming that other people should see the world just as he or she does perhaps is just as evident in some self-centred adults too…