Exhibition Period: 26th January 2015 - 12th March 2015

In East Asia, even before the 10th century portrayals of the natural world such as mountains, waterfalls and the bucolic countryside were recurring themes favoured by artists.  On the other hand in Western art history, pure landscape paintings initially took a back seat to religious and historical artworks, but have since gained popularity as artists gradually developed new ways to create depth and dimension in their works.

Today, however, landscapes are mostly missing from Malaysian contemporary art, as many artists find themselves leaning towards abstract and figurative styles instead.  We desire to once again bring back landscapes through this show, where Malaysian artists can express their various interpretations of natural landscapes using new mediums and forms.

Through this exercise, we also hope to instil a greater pride in the audience for our country’s natural resources.

Hailing from Mantova Italy, Benedetta Segala Ghani carries more than 10 solo shows in France and her home country Italy under her name.  Educated formally in fine arts from France with an extensive history of art participation in United States, UAE and numerous Asian countries, Benedetta injects an exciting and fresh perspective to our local contemporary art industry through our latest The Grass is Greener on this Side show.

Annabelle Ng

Azrin Mohd

Haafiz Shahimi

Husin Hourmain

Husin Othman

Husni Osman

Louise Low

Mohd Azlan Mohd Latib

Ong Oh Hup Hoe

Raja Lope Rasydi Raja Rozlan

Shafarin Ghani

Suhaidi Razi

Yim Yin sum

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