Young contemporaries after the noughties

This group of 5 artists has been narrowed down from a list of selection for their conceptual skills, technical research and effort level. Previously, the gallery also took the initiative to bring some major painters together in the Cirque du Freak show to produce all major paintings. Applying the same philosophy, discussion with the artists from started beginning of the year 2012 to gather this group of younger generation artists to study their capabilities to produce a major work like a senior artists. The main objective with Zaman Batu Contemporary is to bring the potential emerging artists to develop their levels to become a mid career artists.

Each artist started conceptualizing their ideas beginning of March 2012 with constant updates and discussion on the ways to push this art show to another level proving themselves as an important elementin the development of the Malaysia Contemporary Art. Nine months of work processes are documented and photographed with the main purpose of serving important part of Malaysia Contemporary Art reference. Zaman Batu Contemporary is about developing a New generation contemporary artists to fill in the talent gap after the strong noughties.