Artist:  Husni Osman

Medium:  Acrylic, Oil Paint, Oil Bar, Screenprint, Spray Paint, Charcoal & Marker on 220gm Paper

Size:  107cm x 146cm x 4cm (d) with Frame

Year:  2014



A Person Who Talks When You Wish Him to Listen No. 1 is presented in a pop art style, with vibrant fluorescent colours juxtaposed against monochrome realist portrait that describes a fiery conversation between two parties.

The man portrayed in this work with his lazy, placid grin has his eyes shrouded in sunshades, prompting us to wonder if he truly is hiding his animosity and is in fact putting on a guise of composure and compliance.

A Person Who Talks When You Wish Him To Listen No. 1 continues on a theme expressed in many of Husni Osman’s works – the question of one’s ability to leave the door open to new ways of doing and looking at things.  At this stage, the man in the painting is sufficiently secure in his own thinking, and can now tolerate, albeit with some reluctance, opposing views and even debates about the topics discussed.