Title        : The Message II
Size          : 183cm x 122cm
Medium : Acrylic and Airbrush on Canvas
Year        : 2013

Written by : Elaine Loh

Measuring at 6ft x 4ft, this surreal painting encapsulates the viewer to a world of fantasy, of childlike wonder. One cannot help but be enveloped and carried away to the beautiful world of Mother Nature’s greens and serenity as Raja Lope applies the airbrush to create the surreal green world…..the seemingly un-real world of nature which we have so easily forgotten in our daily rat race.

In this painting, the magical fairy, bathed in batik designs on her body, solemnly carries a message of destruction to the mysterious legendary unicorn. The viewer is brought face to face with the elusive unicorn, a mythical animal which many of us have carried a fascination for from our childhood days. The unicorn symbolises purity and is cleverly portrayed as an elusive animal; thereby reaffirming that purity on its own is not always encountered.

The surreal white body of the unicorn is clearly airbrushed to further accentuate the mythical wonder and innocence it carries. Dismally, one can truly see and sense the gloominess of life as the mysterious unicorn projects a sense of somber disparity and sadness upon receiving the message of potential threats on the loss of purity and innocence in humanity.

Raja Lope highlights to us the pride and cultures of our Malaysian society in this painting. The horn of the unicorn is replaced by the famed keris – a Malay sword which symbolises power and strength. In deeper scrutiny, the jaded eyes of the unicorn represents the favoured jade stone which is revered by the Chinese for luck and health. The unmistakable gold jewel ring represents the Indian culture for pride and beauty. Here again, Raja Lope brings us in touch with the very problem of our society as a whole; the damaging effects in our materialistic pursuit of technology and advancement foregoing our morality and humanity.