Title          : The Message III
Size           : 153cm x 243cm
Medium  : Acrylic and Airbrush on Canvas
Year         : 2013

Written by Elaine Loh

Set against the darkly lit Wayang Kulit backdrop, the viewer is brought into the presence of an actual Wayang Kulit show. The Wayang Kulit is a culturally renowned shadow puppets show hailing from Kelantan, Malaysia and proves to be a sweet memory for the artist of his childhood entertainments.

Throwing in the magical theme, a featherlight fairy is seen here carrying a worldly message, on the distinguished stature of a hornbill, to the queen of Wayang Kulit. The queen is escorted by her dayangs or ladies-in-waiting.

The masterful use of blending technique from the airbrush provides the blurred visual effects of shadow puppet play, where the bright ray of light shines through the canvas while the imminent Tok Dalang (the puppeteer / storyteller) acts out the play.