Title          : UAWs
Size           : 153cm x 243cm
Medium  : Acrylic and Airbrush on Canvas
Year         : 2013

Written by Elaine Loh

This painting essentially represents a master scene with an ensemble of wau-like creatures flying across the skies amidst magical lightweight dinosaurs. These creatures carry close resemblances to the Mountain Banshees of the popular motion picture Avatar. The artist gives these flying creatures with intricate designs resonating our Kelantanese Wau Bulan, crescent moon-shaped kites. Raja Lope envisions these wau-like creatures with transparent bodies, blind like snakes but yet significant like the beluga. Interestingly enough, there too lies a present- day entry in this painting which is truly familiar to all; our present-day simplistic kite.

Again, this painting is close to Raja Lope’s heart as it carries the memory from his pre-pubescent days of flying foxes across the serene dusky skies of his kampong. The surrealist feel of this painting was only made possible with significant intricate airbrushing skills whilst the mammoth details of each creature are distinctly painted with acrylic.