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Twenty Twenty 1.0


Exhibition Period: Friday, 17th Jan 2020 - Sunday 19th Jan 2020

Exhibition Venue: The Place, Taipei

Contemporary Art in Malaysia

Unlike the West, contemporary art in Malaysia started only in the late 90's and flourished significantly in 2000's. However, Malaysia does have a history of modernist art since the 1960 with strong formalistic art universities that produce a whole generation of post modernist artists and the subsequent contemporary artists.

Core Design Gallery is an exclusive art gallery that focuses mainly on Malaysian contemporary art since 2010. For the first time, we are bringing mid-career Malaysian contemporary artists  who are the well known in their own respective genre to debut in Taipei.

One of the fast developing country in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is one of the Nusantara country has a unique cultural identity. Malaysia is a heterogeneous nation, very unique in this region. Malaysian people of various races and traditions colour and brighten the assorted style and nuances of Malaysian cultures. Besides the Malays as the native-sons, the Chinese and the Indians, there are indigenous and native ethnics who represent ten percent of the populace. This factor itself gave rise to a generation of artists who are keeps a very strong element of unique traditional cultures yet able to infuse contemporary flavours into their work of art that is multicultural, electric, diverse and at times very global.

Haafiz Shahimi

Nor Tijan Firdaus